Plenumovie points out the problems of commercialisation of higher education system in particular and educational policy in general by reflecting on the university sit-in that took place in 2009 in Rijeka, Croatia. Intertwining archival footage and present-day contemplations of protagonists, this film follows members of the sit-in through their reminiscences, thus painting a clearer picture of the 2009 events and creating a dialogue across time.

Aided by protagonists’ musings on free education, solidarity, student activism, individual’s role in society and possibility of change of the mainstream paradigm of money as the only measure of success,

Plenumovie questions the romantic idea of student-activist and ponders whether there is real basis for an active socio-political engagement of students today.

Plenumovie is a recapitulation and reminiscence of “the glory days”, but also a reflection and a call to a wider discussion about the future of higher education.

Croatia / 73′ / documentary / Filmaktiv

Financed by: City of Rijeka and Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Produced by: Filmaktiv